Welcome!  We are truly pleased that you are here visiting the online presence of St. John’s Episcopal Church.  Whatever has brought you here, we invite you to explore these pages, and:

email us at office@stjohnsmlb.org or call us at 321-254-3365 with any questions you may have.

And most especially, we invite you to visit in person with us any Sunday.

Whoever you are:  tall or short; very young, mid-life or senior; married, committed, single (again); with or without small, teen or grown children…and
whatever your grandparents’ country of origin, your economic status or condition…and
wherever you are on your life journey…and
regardless of how seriously or casually you might be looking at or for a church…
…. we welcome you, and we will do our very best to respond to you.

In our experience, visitors come to this site or the church itself in one of these broad conditions:
– non-churched people who are merely curious, perhaps after attending a 2nd Sunday in the Park Concert, or having driven by the church property; and/or artists and historians interested in our ‘Country Gothic’ interior and our stunning stained-glass windows;
– people of faith, or not, who are experiencing tremendous joy or abject sadness and who do not have a spiritual place to express or discuss those feelings;
– current or lapsed members of another congregation where for any reason they are not being fed or nourished and who are hungry for a more connected spiritual experience;
– Christians who are committed members of an ‘up-north’ church who are here seasonally or now transplanted and are actively seeking to participate in a worshiping congregation here.

Whatever your ‘condition’, we would like you to know that we understand, because we all arrived in one or more of these realities as well!  So, we won’t mock your inexperience or smirk at your questions; we will respond with compassion to your joys and sorrows, and we won’t judge you based on your previous religious affiliation, if any.  Nor will we assume that you are ready for any particular level of involvement or participation.  As Jesus would, we will welcome you as you are.  We invite you to explore, listen, ask, worship and learn.  You may attend as seldom or as often as you wish; you do not need to become a member to attend or participate!  And, please understand that we believe faith is a lifelong journey of questioning and discernment and that we are practicing Christians, with a lot of emphasis on the ‘practicing’!

And as practicing Christians, we believe in a fundamental truth:  that humans are created to be in a relationship with their creator.  From the beginning of time to the present, this one truth has remained the same.  If you feel that there is something missing in your life, perhaps that something is being part of a God-centered community.  We invite you to come any Sunday, participate in worship and consider becoming part of this community of faith.

And if you decide to “take the plunge” and worship with us, what can you expect?  Most importantly, please relax!  Many people who attend worship for the first time in the Episcopal Church worry that they’ll do something “wrong” because our services include a lot of stylized ritual.  Our purpose in worship is to praise God and to pray for and with each other and the broader world.  Everything else is secondary, so come to worship and worry about the details later!

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