Marriage at St. John’s Episcopal Church

It is our great privilege to be a part of celebrating this most important step in life and we want to make this a smooth, easy process. In the interest of consistency and clarity, we have prepared some guidelines and policies to help you plan.  Please speak with one of the clergy if you have any questions about anything here.

Who may be married at St. John’s?

Active members of this congregation may be married at St. John’s.  Any exceptions require the approval of the rector.

All couples must meet with a member of the ordained staff of St. John’s at least thirty days prior to the proposed wedding.  A course of premarital counseling is required that will be at least three sessions.

If one or both of the persons to be married have been divorced or had their marriage annulled, then the initial meeting must happen at least ninety days before the proposed wedding, additional counseling may be required, possibly including professional counseling at the couple’s expense, and the clergy must obtain the permission of the diocesan bishop.

What are the costs?

For members of St. John’s, there is no wedding fee or rental charge. In the case that a wedding is performed for a non-member, any fees will be negotiated.

There are individuals who are to be paid for their service and they must be paid directly, not with a check to the church. They should be paid on or before the day of the wedding.

The following individuals are to be paid:

Sexton: Ray McClendon, $50 for each required opening and closing (i.e., $100 for rehearsal and wedding).  Additional payment may be required for extra cleaning.

Musicians: Anthony LaMort, is to be paid $125, minimum. Soloists or other musicians are as negotiated, including additional fees for Mr. LaMort, to rehearse with other musicians.

Flowers: You may have the St. John’s Flower Guild provide floral arrangements for the church, in which case they are to be paid for the cost of the flowers, plus a minimum of $50 for their work.  Flower checks should be payable to “St. Johns Church” and marked for the appropriate wedding.  There may be additional fees for special services such as placing and removal of isle candles.  This will be negotiated as needed.

Can we use the Parish Hall for the reception?

Yes.  The cost is $300.  Please be aware that due to a standing commitment on Friday evening, the Hall will not be available for decorating, storage, or any other purpose until Saturday morning.  The fee does not include janitorial services. It will be the couple’s responsibility to set up and decorate the Hall, and to restore it to original condition that day.

What about invitations?

Invitations for clergy and others to rehearsal dinners, receptions, etc., are neither expected nor assumed. If they are to be extended, this should be done in the manner in which other invitations are being extended.

What about honoraria?

There is no fee for the services of clergy in performing a wedding. Some couples choose to give an honorarium to the officiating minister (who is assumed also to have done the premarital counseling).  Honoraria range from $100-500, $150-200 being the common range.

If the minister agrees to travel to perform the wedding elsewhere, all travel and related expenses should be reimbursed directly to the minister, separate from any honorarium.

If you have additional questions, or you are ready to talk further, you may email the church office at or call 321-254-3365.