Parish Leadership

St. John’s Episcopal Church is part of the Episcopal Diocese of Central Florida, The Rt. Rev. Gregory O. Brewer, Bishop.


St. John’s Staff Leadership:

Rector — The Rev. Eric W. Turner, email:, phone: 321-254-3365

Deacon — The Rev. Elizabeth Murray, email:, phone: 321-777-0168

Music Minister — Anthony LaMort, email:


St. John’s Vestry Leadership:

St. John’s is governed by a church board known as a “Vestry.”  Currently, we have a twelve member vestry, with members serving a three year term.  From 2014-2016, we will transition to a nine member vestry by electing only three members at each annual parish meeting, held at the end of January, each year.

Vestry members and officers can be reached at:

Current Vestry Officers:

Sr. Warden — Hope Johnson

Jr. Warden (Buildings and Grounds) — Kathy Oas

Treasurer — Steve Bradley

Assistant Treasurer — Anneke Bertsch

Secretary — Gail Dunbar

Vestry Members (year indicates that they will rotate off in January of that year)

Anneke Bertsch (2016)
Gail Dunbar (2016)
Linda Janse (2016)
Hope Johnson (2017)
Ian Johnson (2017)
Kathy Oas (2016)
Fred Scheunemann (2018)
Trish Seymour (2018)