What We Believe

St. John’s affirms the Bible as God’s Word written and we seek to conform our life and teaching to the Scriptures, within the context of the larger church.

As Episcopalians and Anglicans, we express our doctrine in our liturgy (the way we conduct a worship service and the words we use) rather than in doctrinal statements.  We affirm the historic creeds of the church (Apostle’s and Nicene), and we are classical Christians, affirming God as Trinity;  Father, Son and Holy Spirit, supremely expressed in the life, death and resurrection of Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

St. John’s is part of the Episcopal Diocese of Central Florida, based in Orlando, which in turn is part of The Episcopal Church.  The word “Episcopal” comes from the Greek (the language of the New Testament) for “overseer” or “bishop” and refers to the fact that we are primarily organized in geographical regions called Dioceses, each under the leadership of a Bishop.  Our bishop is the Rt. Rev. Gregory O. Brewer.

The Episcopal Church, or TEC for short, is the U.S. expression of the world wide Anglican Communion.  The Archbishop of Canterbury is the symbolic head of the church, but has no actual control over what is done locally.  The current Archbishop of Canterbury is the Most Rev. Justin Welby.

You may find more helpful information in our FAQ section.  Click here to visit the FAQ’s.

If you have more specific questions of doctrine or teaching, please feel free to contact our rector, the Rev. Eric Turner by email at eric@stjohnsmlb.org or by phone at 321-254-3365.